Sewer Camera Inspection…What Lies Beneath.

Welcome 2015!


With the new year comes new changes.  Cornerstone Inspection Services is now proud to announce the release of our newest service; Sewer Camera Inspections! We are very excited to roll out our new service effective immediately!

Getting a Sewer Camera Inspection through Cornerstone Inspection Services is vital in the purchase of a home.  Purchasing a home without getting the sewer lines fully inspected can cause some serious damage to your sewer system and potentially cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.  Most importantly, sewer camera inspections are not included in a regular inspection as the lines are not visible.  The only way to be sure you are risk free is to order the Sewer Camera Inspection.


Here are the main reasons why you should choose the Sewer Camera Inspection:
1.  Cost – finding a potential problem before buying the house can save you thousands of dollars in repair bills. Serious expenses will be incurred if a tree root or any other blockage exists in pipes.
2.  Time – Finding a potential problem before purchase can save you a lot of  time if repairs are needed.
3.  Emotions – Stress, stress, stress.  Nothing can be more stressful and hard on ones emotions than buying a house and finding out you have roots in your sewer pipeline that is going to cost thousands of dollars in repairs and take as long as a month to fix.
4. Visibility – Non-camera inspections will only find flaws via the naked eye.  The majority of sewer pipeline issues occur beneath the surface ONLY visible via a sewer pipe camera.



Here are some actual images from Sewer Camera Inspections highlighting the most common potential problems that are found when doing this kind of inspection.  These examples are all only found via a Sewer Camera Inspection.


With the winter months upon us and the ground freezing, thawing, re-freezing and re-thawing repeatedly, there is no better time than NOW to make sure your pipes are clean and you have no serious issues with your sewer lines.


Call, email, or visit us online today to find out more and to schedule your Sewer Camera Inspection with Cornerstone Inspection Services at 317-815-9497 or or  Or to submit or request for quote Click HERE.


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CLICK HERE for a downloadable version of our Sewer Camera Inspection Flyer.

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