Warmer Weather Has De-Winterized Our Thoughts…But What About Your Home?




It’s getting hot, hot, hot outside as the first day of summer quickly approaches and winter becomes our absolute last though. But these warmer temperatures mean that homes that were winterized this past year must now be de-winterized. This is especially the case if the winterized home is to be inspected, as homes must be de-winterized prior to inspection.


Homes are winterized to assure they are not exposed to freezing risks and it is essential in keeping the property safe and secure. If this service is not performed, or performed incorrectly, it can lead to a multitude of expenses quickly. Most frequently these expenses can come from pipes that freeze solid and burst open, but aren’t limited to just this. Utility bills can also increase if a house is not winterized. Also if a property is not winterized, damage from chilly temperatures could come to air conditioning units, joints and minor cracks on exterior of the home, as well as other areas both inside and out.


When de-winterizing a home, services done to winterize the property are essentially reversed. Some things done to a home when de-winterizing are turning the utilities back on and restoring water to the plumbing system, as well as flushing the entire system of anti-freeze. Also testing faucets, checking the plumbing system throughout the house, and other services to assure the house is thoroughly de-winterized.


Our de-winterization and winterization prices are based off of the number of bathrooms, full and half, in the home.


Cornerstone guarantees all winterizations as long as we BOTH winterize and de-winterize the home. If you had your property winterized by us, or would like to schedule a de-winterization regardless of how it was winterized, learn more here. Or submit a request for a quote here.






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